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Christ Apostolic Church, Pomona CA

Christ Apostolic Church, Pomona was founded in 1990 by the late Pastor (Dr.) Hezekiah O. Adeyemi, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. At the time the church was founded, Pastor Adeyemi worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and lived in Pasadena. The birth of the church came after a 3-day revival service conducted by Pastor Samuel Kayode Abiara of CAC Agbala Itura in Ibadan, Nigeria on the campus of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. Afterward, the church conducted its maiden service at the Fellowship Hall on the campus of Fuller Seminary and held its weekly services at this facility for several months.

Most of the founding members were not pagan converts but came from other religious denominations. Some joined the church in hope that if our Nigerian-American community could be united in Christ, through the church, we could foster unity in other areas. The majority of the original members lived in the inland empire. This factor influenced the decision to relocate the church to a more centralized location.

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After much prayer, the church secured a rent-free facility in the basement of the First Baptist Church, at the corner of Holt Avenue and Center in Pomona. The basement facility was too big and cold for the church members. The church was able to secure a more suitable facility with the assistance of Pastor Ramnarain of the Lutheran Church of the Cross in Rialto, who had helped to secure the other facility in the first place. The church then moved to the “fire chat room” at Trinity Lutheran Church on South Hamilton Street in Pomona where it operated for many years.

Pastor (Dr.) Hezekiah Adeyemi left Jet Propulsion Laboratory for Clark-Atlanta University (CAU). However, before Pastor Adeyemi departed for Atlanta, he handed over the church to the late Pastor (Dr.) Jacob Adesina. Late Pastor (Dr.) Jacob Adesina assumed the responsibility as the minister in charge of the church in 1996. It is worthy of note that Pastor Adeyemi and Pastor Adesina were committed to God and both devoted their time and resources to do God’s work through His church, without any monetary compensation.

Among the challenges faced by the church in those early years were resource constraints that limited its ability to invest in spiritual growth, youth, men, women, evangelism, and worship art ministries. In the absence of full or part-time paid vocational ministers, most of the efforts were focused on prayer meetings and occasional outreach ministries. Some of the founding members left the church at the turn of the last century.

However, since the turn of the century the church has been marching forward under various pastoral leadership.


Dr. Ayo Akingbemi (founding member) collaborated with Pastor Adams Olayiwola (former treasurer of the church).


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